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Life Insurance 

Expat Financial Advice believe in your future. Life insurance is often not taken into consideration when looking into full holistic financial planning.


Why is it so important?

we all have a desire to provide for the family as well as we possibly can ensuring our loved ones are prepared for the future. 

A life insurance plan can offer a bespoke range of protection benefits to perfectly suit your families need. No two policies are ever the same and protection can be up to $7.5 million in cover. Protect yourself and your family with a no obligation quote. 

Medical Insurance

Expat Medical Insurance, whilst many do not consider this, Expat Financial Advice are here to help. We are able to offer packages to suit your financial position and needs.


The benefits of international medical cover are full outpatient/inpatient cover, doctors, surgery and many other to name a few. With a medical Life plan we can also cover the family and not just yourself.


Tailored packages include, Total and Permanent Disability, Long Term Care, Terminal Illness Benefit, Passive War Cover, Repatriation Benefit, Children's Illness Cover, Aeroplane Cover and Abduction Cover.

Whole of Life and Term Insurance

Whole of life and term insurance are each a tailored solution for you and your family.


The whole of life insurance can be started from the age of 18 and is policy for the whole of ones life. This will ensure full bespoke cover that can be changed during the term as your circumstances change.


Term assurance is a set period in which you have sufficient cover on the policy, this is a more favourable option if you are looking to move away for a set period of time and wish to ensure you have the cover needed.

Do you have sufficient Insurance in place?

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